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Atlantis. The Big Oyster. Tales are still told of the magical wonders of the city before the Calamity sent it below the waves, but these days folks have bigger things on their mind - like hitting the jackpot on the whirlpool. On the ocean floor, Atlantis has found a second life: calling the weird and outlandish denizens of the deep with the promise of gambling and vice. The casinos run everything in this city, but running the casinos is no easy task... 

Your group are the staff of an embarrassingly faded casino who've just found themselves in the middle of a corrupt game of electoral chess between the powerful families and strange delegates. Keeping yourselves alive and your casino from going under is a risky move but you might just win big.

This is a system-neutral setting for tabletop RPGs. It gives you all the details on the world, the characters’ place within it and a short campaign, with ideas for further adventures. You won’t find any rules, character sheets, or instructions to “Roll your Diplomacy” or “Take 2 Wounds”. This is intended to be a playground where you can use whatever system you and your group feels most comfortable with. This may mean it requires a little bit of preparation in terms of working out the necessary numbers, especially if you’re using a more rigid or statistic-focused system, but we promise: even if you just jump right in and make it up on the fly, you’ll have a great time.

Content Notes: Gambling, Corruption, Alcohol, Violence, Addiction, Combat Sports, Organised crime, Disorganised crime, Politics, Debt, Death, Ocean, Family, Sea creatures, Xenophobia, Police, Possible suicide, Vice, Nepotism, Betrayal


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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