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Welcome to the Wanderlust, Neptune Holiday’s largest cruise ship yet. We hope you’re enjoying our inaugural Atlantic Islands cruise. It’s currently day 294 since we set sail and we’ll be arriving at Bermuda any day now. In the meantime, you’re welcome to enjoy the many amenities we have on board to make your holiday with us memorable. Whether sunbathing by our top-deck pool, enjoying a game of quoits on our sports deck, relaxing in our on-board spa or simply whiling away a few hours in the Sunset Lounge, it’s time to unwind and de-stress. It’s not far to Bermuda.

                                       - message to passengers from Captain Smollett of the Wanderlust

This was only supposed to be a summer job. Three weeks work and a trip to Bermuda, then back home again, or on to the next thing. But it's been  getting on for a year now and you didn't pack nearly enough spare socks for this. 

Your group are the hospitality staff of the ill-fated Wanderlust: the jaded bartenders, harrowed waiters and weary pool-side entertainers tasked with making sure the guests are still enjoying their holiday after all this time. The passengers have formed definite cliques, and the tensions between the deckers, the shredders, the boarders and the Rayniacs have to be delicately handled, but you've managed to avoid riots and mutiny so far, and the Captain assures you that all the strange oddities you're encountering in the seas along your way are perfectly harmless...

This is a system-neutral setting for tabletop RPGs. It gives you all the details on the world, the characters’ place within it and a short campaign, with ideas for further adventures. You won’t find any rules, character sheets, or instructions to “Roll your Diplomacy” or “Take 2 Wounds”. This is intended to be a playground where you can use whatever system you and your group feels most comfortable with. This may mean it requires a little bit of preparation in terms of working out the necessary numbers, especially if you’re using a more rigid or statistic-focused system, but we promise: even if you just jump right in and make it up on the fly, you’ll have a great time.

Content Notes: Altered reality, High-school style politics, Corruption, Interpersonal conflict, Gossip, Murder, Drowning, Alcohol, Open water, Isolation, Sea creatures, Transformation, Spiders, Blackmail, Kidnapping, Undead, Piracy, Cults, Clowns


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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