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No-one knows how it started or what went wrong, but a generation ago something broke in reality. The world stopped making sense, replaced by a swirling chaos where nothing is anything without straining to be something else. The Twist. The best way to survive is to stay in the bubbles: tiny pockets of stability where humanity just about hangs on. And there's only one way to travel between the bubbles: you ride the turning, shifting rail-lines in heavily-modified trains, designed to push through the worst the Twist has to offer. Trains like yours.

This is a system-neutral setting for tabletop RPGs. It gives you all the details on the world, the characters’ place within it, and even a suggested mini-campaign and adventures. You won’t find any rules, character sheets, or instructions to “Roll your Diplomacy” or “Take 2 Wounds”. This is intended to be a playground where you can use whatever system you and your group feels most comfortable with. This may mean it requires a little bit of preparation in terms of working out the necessary numbers, especially if you’re using a more rigid or statistic-focused system, but we promise: even if you just jump right in and make it up on the fly, you’ll have a great time.

Content Notes: Altered reality, Violence, Piracy, Human remains, Body horror, Transformation, Imperialism, Colonialism, Corruption, Murder, Environmental disaster, Oppressive regimes, Isolation, Unethical science, Cloning, Hostile animals.


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